Anca Pintille – Head of Central Communications Team – EMEA & APAC at Oracle

I’ve worked with David for around one year now and it’s been a pleasure. He has a deep understanding of brand strategy, a passion for social media and a contagious enthusiasm for anything employer branding related. 
His campaign briefs are clear and structured, his approach positive and supportive. 
I’d happily work with/for David in the future again. 
He rocks! (he literally rocks, guitar and all:)

Aarti Kumar – Campus Recruiter

My manager, my guru… David has been an amazing, extremely professional manager to have worked with during my time as a campus Recruiter at Oracle. My experiences working with him on different projects for university hiring have been of tremendous learning where he’s always made me feel that I can achieve and do more than I may have imagined. He’s a perfectionist at his work and generously compliments and appreciates you on your stellar performance. What I’ve learnt and become as a Recruiter while working with David is what’s brought me to the next level of my career. 
So David, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and if there’s ever an opportunity to work with you again; I’d absolutely love it!!!

Mrinal Das – University Relations and Graduate Program Head | CGI India

It gives me immense pleasure to write about David after working with him for ~2.5 years during my stint at Oracle. David still remains my inspiration, mentor and guide. To summarize about David in one sentence (tough task though) – he is the Next Generation Recruitment Leader who believes in “Change is constant and Innovation is the key”. A very, very compassionate manager who trust his team, gives liberty and equal opportunity to all and tells “sky’s the limit”! 
Keep doing the great work, David. Wish you all the success!

Andrea Culligan – CEO at Harteffect

David is a force to be reckoned with. His philosophy on recruiters is amazing and such a breath of fresh air. He believes that sourcing is a specialty and does it so well. From social media, to networking to understand the candidate market to speaking about it, his focus on achieving the best for his client in the quickest of time frames is always number one on his agenda.

He is a true strategist and always lines up the outcome before he even commences the project. I love working with Dave, he tests us, partners with us and is an ideal client to have. (June 10, 2011, Andrea was a consultant or contractor to David at Oracle Corporation)


Supriya Aggarwal –  Recruiting Operations Software Analyst at Oracle Corporation

I have worked with David for web related projects in Recruitment. Its been a great pleasure working with him! He is really creative. Discussing, sharing and implementing new ideas with him has been a really nice experience. Hope we keep working this way and our association goes on for a long time to come! (December 7, 2010, Supriya worked directly with David at Oracle Corporation)


Niki Mok – Senior Recruiter, APAC at Splunk

David is a creative individual who can always think out of the box. He has great contribution to the recruitment team in terms of new ideas for recruitment. I am proud of having David as a team member. (June 16, 2009, Niki worked directly with David at Oracle Corporation)


Riges Younan – VP of Sales (Asia Pacific) at Avature. HCM (SaaS) 

David is setting the example of what recruiters of the future will look like, he has taken the time to build community around him and his employer brand. I find him a very innovative and forward thinking recruiter.
(April 5, 2009, Riges was with another company when working with David at Oracle Corporation)


Jonathan Coles – Principal Consultant at Silversix (The IT Customer Satisfaction Experts)

David is possibly the best recruitment person I have worked with in my 10 years as a Team Leader and Manager working in hiring staff. Always personable, but managed to find that ideal balance between friendly and professional, and understood when the pressure was on and delivered. (August 22, 2007, Jonathan was David’s client)


Paul, Wilson 

David is a very professional recruitment practitioner who has consistently demonstrated his ability to maintain goods relationships with clients, candidates and his peers. He demonstrates the ability to maintain long term relationships and respond effectively within the recruitment life cycle. (September 12, 2006, Paul, worked with David at Hewlett Packard/Manpower)


Steve Wilkinson – IT Infrastructure Manager at Reece Pty Ltd

David placed me at Hewlett Packard. Amongst the many recruiters I have encountered I found him very easy to work with. Always diligent, follow up calls, enquiries on my behalf, keeping me up to date with any relevant developments. I always pass on Davids details to friends when they are looking for work in his area of expertise. (September 5, 2006, Steve was David’s client)

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