Brushing Off My Shoes For a New 2020

It has been an extraordinary couple of weeks with so much impact and change with the outbreak of Coronavirus. I have posted a few comments on the impact that this pandemic may have in the business landscape on LinkedIn but it has certainly added another challenge to the running that I enjoy.

After finishing my first 100km race in September 2019, I quickly fell into the trap that so many runners with access to wifi fall into. I was on that runner’s high that you get after finishing a race and ended up signing up for events that was planning to be a big 2020. After a few discussions with family/friend the races I ended up entering were:

  1. Two Bays 56k race in January
  2. Duncan’s Run 56k race in March
  3. Margaret River 80k race in May
  4. Larapinta 4 dayrace in August
  5. Surf Coast 50krace in September.

I started my training in October 2019 for the Two Bays race in January and was happy to complete that event in just over 6 hours. While I completed Two Bays relatively fine, I had my eyes on Duncan’s Run in March that is quite hilly and I really wanted to give that a good crack. My training for Duncan’s Run was going really well and I also at the same started my plan for Margaret River as well. That is up until about 2 weeks before Duncan’s Run when my Physio confirmed that I had pretty bad case of Plantar Fasciitis. This happened just before the social distancing around Coronavirus took effect. Since that time Duncan’s run has been postponed as has Margaret River and I get the feeling that Larapinta may not be far away from being postponed either.


From a motivation perspective this has been a difficult 4-5 weeks for me. I have not been able to run with my injury and with the changed world we are in at the moment, it has been difficult to do any cross training which is tough at the best of times. I exert so much energy getting out onto the trails and getting my runs in, but the positive energy that comes back is ten fold. I find running keeps me pushing myself while also keeping me grounded at the same time. It gives me balance.

Over the past few weeks there has been a real drop off in terms of activity. However I have been walking the past week or so to keep moving, keep active and to make sure that I get outside. I think I now have all the self-pity out of my system and I am finding myself again starting to find that focus and motivation again. I still am not 100% from my injury, but I can see myself running again in the coming 2-3 weeks and right now I am  excited just to get out for a 5k run. At the same time I don’t want to rush it and just re-injure myself so I will take it slow. With no runs planned for the next few months I have the time to allow myself to heal properly.

My running plans then have changed for 2020 and that’s ok, people are very adaptable. I may not complete every race that I had planned when 2020 started but no matter how many runs I finish, I will still feel good at the end of 2020.

Whether it’s running, family, work, etc… it doesn’t matter, there will be times that things go well and times when they don’t. It is human nature for your motivation to rise and fall as well. I think with the world we in at the moment, it is nice to remember that things will pass and if you are in a funk, just keep doing the things that you know are good and things that produce results and you will come out of it before you know it.

It is also about perspective (hurting my foot is inconsequential really compared to what people are living through at the moment) and while I enjoy running, I am by no means overly athletic or particularly fast when I do run but I enjoy it none the less.

One thought on “Brushing Off My Shoes For a New 2020

  1. Thanks for sharing Dave 🌟 Your way of thinking is absolutely fantastic, be kind to yourself and you’ll be back before you know it!. Bec

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