Running My First 100km Ultra at 46 Yrs Old

I have been quiet on this blog the past 6 months or so. So where has all the time gone and what I have I been doing? Running and more running and lots of eating!

The last post I wrote was in March this year after completing my first 50km Ultra marathon. Between March and now (September) I think it is fair to say I have been bitten by the running bug. Shortly after finishing Duncan’s Run I ended up entering the 100km Solo event at Surf Coast Century with a little coaxing from a few people (Jac, I am looking at you). So in April I started a five and half month training plan for the 100km race.

April to September involved a lot of running, I can’t thank my family enough as every Sunday I was out at least half the day on my weekly long run and Saturday’s as well for good measure. Also a big thank you to all the runners and friends who spent countless hours listening to me complain about all my aches and pains over that time during our weekly runs. There is no way I could have completed this without all the love, support and understanding from family and friends.


So onto race day in September, to say I was nervous I think is an understatement. In the few days before the race I really had to calm my nerves as my mind started to play tricks on me. As I went through taper and took a few days rest before the race the thought kept coming back into my head that by taking this rest I would fall out of race shape or lose my conditioning. I knew this was not the case but the thought was still there trying to trick me.

It was great to start with the race with a friendly face in Greg who was also completing his first 100km with me. There were 4 legs to the race, in Leg 1 looking back I am certain I was running on adrenalin and the buzz of the day, I kept running with all that energy until I tripped over a tree root and face planted into a gum tree about 35kms in. This actually helped slow me down literally and figuratively. After knocking out the first 50 km’s in pretty good shape the back 50 was much harder and I had to dig much deeper to keep going. Having family, friends and everyone from the Seaford Lifesaving Club to support me and keep me going really helped push me through. Again I knew my mind was trying to play tricks on me and it was always good to have someone help pull me out of some of the deep mental funks I found myself in over the day.

I was able to cross the finish line and complete the 100km’s in 13 hrs and 30 mins.  Last year in 2018 I ran Leg 2 of the Surf Coast Century as part of a team. I remember seeing the individual 100km runners a year ago and being amazed at what they were doing. It is fair to say I was hurting after this race but I loved it and have a new found respect for the distance and everyone who gave it a crack.

Last year 30km’s was my limit, six months ago my limit was 50 km’s and now I know my legs have enough to do 100 km’s – who knows where this takes me next (Jac, I am looking at you again and today the answer is no way!). I do have Two Bays coming up in January and then…………





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