Running My First 50km Ultra at 45 Yrs Old

For the past 12 months or so I have been running with more regularity and with more thought and purpose than I had done the previous 10-15 years.

With a very big thanks to many people locally last year I signed up to do the 28km leg of the Surf Coast Century run in September 2018 as part of a team and completed my first half marathon the same year as well. After completing those couple of runs and coming out relatively unscathed in November 2018 I signed up for my first 50km run which took place over the weekend in March 2019.

Over the past weekend I ran and am glad to report that I completed the 50km run ‘Duncans Run‘. The race was actually 57 kms as they added an extra bonus 7kms to the race and I finished in just over 8 hours. The elevation was close to 2500 metres and it seemed like there was a hill at every turn, I think I am traumatised by hills now.

Having this race to prepare for really kept me focussed over the past 4 months as I tried to stick to my training plan and while I missed a few runs and missed a lot of exercises that I was meant to be doing it was good to have that focus and goal in mind. Over that training period there was a lot of self doubt and injuries that crept in, but one of the things about running that is so good is the support, advice and encouragement that you get from the greater running community.

On race day my mind was playing even more tricks on me, somewhere around the 35km mark my left leg/knee was really on fire and hurting. I managed to walk the hills and run when it made sense but everyone I ran with on race day was encouraging each other on and helping each other through the race. This helped so much.

  • I am really enjoying trail running, I love how this sport pushes my body and my mind. I enjoy working through the highs and lows of a run and love those times on a run when you push past those negative thoughts in your head and end up on the other side in a great mindset.
  • I enjoy the camaraderie of trail runners, it is not about getting a time but about enjoying the run and helping others. At least for me anyway, I am sure there are runners out there that are crazy competitive but even the competitive runners are still supportive and willing to share tips and tricks.
  • I enjoy getting out in the bush to run. I run when I can but with work, family and all the other commitments there are it can be hard to get out. I would rather be on a trail though any day of the week rather than a road race or run in the suburbs. To quote Darryl Kerrigan – ‘How’s the serenity’.

My legs and knee are a bit sore today, but I am feeling pretty good. Will I be doing another trail run in the future? Yes!!! In my mind right now I am thinking I will do the 50km run at Surf Coast Century in Sept 2019, then a 56 or 85 km run in January or February 2020 and hopefully that will lead up to a 100km run for Surf Coast Century in 2020.

Those are my plans at the moment. Who knows things may change in any number of ways but it certainly gives me a bit of focus for the next 18 months for my running 🙂



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