The Continuing Evolution of Candidate Experience and Technology

I wanted to talk in more detail about Candidate Experience. When we think about candidate experience for many people the first thing that comes to mind is the relationship or communication between Recruiter and Candidate. For me the way that a company treats this conversation/experience is the result of the way that the business or company views/prioritises their view of recruitment and candidate care.

I have worked with different businesses over the years and have seen how business leaders who place a value on the candidate experience differ from those who view hiring as a transactional means to an end. I think the view that a company’s leadership team takes towards their hiring experience is the output that candidates will get with that company. A good candidate experience begins before the company even starts it’s hiring process.


The Changing Expectations of Today’s Candidates: Candidate behaviour has changed from what it once was 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Where once candidates did not question the processes of a companies hiring procedures and looked at jobs as ‘jobs for life’, that ideology has evolved into a much more discerning employment population.

With the changing demographics of the workforce, companies can no longer rely on their name and/or size as a guarantee of a candidates interest in them. A generation ago a common belief was to get a job with a big company and have job security. This approach has changed at least since the GFC and even before that as we have seen companies go through layoffs, redundancies and pressure to deal with a rapidly changing economy.  Candidates can now prioritise which role to take based on factors besides job security or company name. This may include factors such as, team culture, projects they are interested in, chance to work on something new, etc…..

If you couple this change in candidate thinking with the changes in the technology space it really allows companies to better understand the hiring process from a candidate perspective and provides a better candidate experience through a combined evolution of their hiring approach together with an uptake of technology.

Technology exists that should be able to parse a person’s LinkedIn profie and/or resume fairly easily without there needing to be a lot of intervention needed from the candidate. The candidate should really be able to apply for a role via their mobile the same way that they order an Uber or order a pizza. In today’s quickly evolving workplace, companies need to make the process as simple for candidates to get into their pipeline as possible. Companies should be bringing candidates into the org not losing candidates at the application process as a result of a low tech application processes.

There are so many technology changes in the workplace today that companies can easily modify their workflows to make the candidate experience that much easier and better for both candidates and managers. The answer is not in technology alone but I think will come from the combination of technology and the evolution of a company’s change in mindset to candidate experience.

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