Real Value Adds From the LiveHire Product for Companies, Recruiters and Candidates

I was with my last company (Oracle) for just coming up on 13 years. The work was great, I loved working with my team, my management was supportive and the pay and working conditions were second to none.

So with all this in mind, why then did I decide to finish with Oracle to join LiveHire which is an Australian Tech Start up that is scaling quickly in the HR/Recruitment SaaS space. Why give up what was from all sounds of it a great role/team that many people strive to find.

I am going to talk about my experience so far with the LiveHire Team, People and the culture of shifting to a fast moving scale up company in a separate post, but for this post I wanted to get some of my thoughts down on paper about what it is that I found really unique and valuable about the LiveHire solutions and products on offer.


  • Bottom Line Value to a Companies Hiring Process– I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some really good Recruiters over my 19 years in Recruitment. Not all Recruiters are created equal but I believe that software used correctly can absolutely make the hiring process more efficient, effective and enjoyable for Manager, Recruiter and Candidate. One of the things I liked about LiveHire when I first starting talking to the team here is that I can see how LiveHire  will add value to a companies recruitment activity no matter whether that is done by HR an Internal Recruitment Team, Agencies or an RPO model. There are so many efficiencies that the LiveHire product can provide to a company that this may spill into future blog posts, but LiveHire will help make your companies hiring process more efficient = you will get better results for less manual input and time spent. The flow on effects will vary but the absolutely impact bottom line value, capability and efficiency.


  •  Candidate experience – The LiveHire platform is built with the candidate experience in mind. Anyone with success in the Recruitment space knows how hard it is to find and engage great candidates. It is easy to get 100 applications for a role but often out of those 100 applicant maybe 2-3 meet the requirements of the role. I can think of countless times great Recruiters have been able to find only 1 or 2 good candidates for a role using all kinds of sourcing channels. The days of assuming that good candidates will wait for your company are over. If you are slow to respond or slow to engage, you will let what could have been a great candidate slip through your fingers. I think the LiveHire platform allows companies to engage (have really, meaningful conversations) easily with their candidates. In today’s shifting workforce this is a huge competitive advantage as many companies still take the old view of ‘if someone really wants to work here they will wait for us’ mentality – as we know candidates will disengage with companies that do this and that is something that will hurt a companies ability to hire.


  • Getting Value from your ATS – One of the other features I really saw value in the LiveHire product set is that LiveHire gives companies the ability to create ‘Talent Pools’ and really allows companies the ability to take advantage of its ATS. This may seem like just another fancy way of saying it gives you access to your ATS, but the LiveHire product does so much more than this. When a company has new roles it needs to fill, more often than not the Recruiters working on these roles will go look to finding new candidates from a job ad or LinkedIn first before even thinking about mining the existing candidate data they have in their ATS. Often a companies ATS (where companies keep previous candidate information) is too hard to search, too slow, gives out unreliable results, doesn’t have search capability, etc… All these things push Recruiters to look for new candidates rather than re-engaging with candidates who have already applied to roles with them and are interested in working with them. This may not seem like a big impact statement but the flow on effects are incredible. Imagine being able to reduce your time to hire from 30+ days to 10 days for example, or actually use the candidate data you already have and talk to people you already know rather than spending agency fees, advertising fees on sourcing new candidates.


I am only touching upon each of these points as I think that to go into more detail on each item would turn this into a really long post. I will touch upon these subjects again in future posts. I think the LiveHire products are really exciting in the HR Tech space. This won’t work for every company but for those that want a competitive advantage in the ongoing search to hire talented people – I think the LiveHire tool is really well set up to help companies and create the kind of interaction that candidates want from companies as well.


3 thoughts on “Real Value Adds From the LiveHire Product for Companies, Recruiters and Candidates

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