In Recruitment It Is More Often Than Not Mind Over Matter

I used to run and I used to run often. Back about 5,6,7 yrs ago I was running three to four times a week and really enjoyed my running. Sometime between that period of time and today in 2018 I crossed over into the 40+ age bracket and as my running distances and time increased I also injured myself (repeatedly).

Looking back I now know that the reason I was injuring myself was because I was overtraining, running too far and too fast for what my body could handle and I was not doing enough stretches or exercises to support longer distances.

At the time though, in my head I did not see these logical reasons for why I was getting running injuries. In my head the narrative was much different – the conclusion that was coming up in my head was that these injuries must be age based as running can put a lot of wear and tear on knees and legs. I came to the conclusion that as I continued to age there would be no way I can continue running without causing further injuries which led me to the conclusion that I should start bike riding instead as that has less impact even though I prefer running to biking.pexels-photo-421160.jpeg

The good news is that I have started running again this year and I am enjoying it as well. It took me a little while but I was thinking wait a second, you see 80 yr old people running all the time, with all the injuries and ailments and other reasons that make running hard they still do it. So if that is case, what’s my excuse!

How does this all relate to Recruitment? I have worked with a lot of Recruiters around the world over the past 18 or so years and I really believe the narrative in your head is the reality you produce. As a Recruiter if you tell yourself that there are no ‘good candidates’, or the market is tough or that nobody will be interested in the role you have to fill….if you tell yourself these things this is likely the outcome you will produce.

On the other side of that coin – if you tell yourself the next call you make will be the perfect candidate, or the next search will produce the person you are looking for – that drive and focus will help push you to the outcome you are looking for.

Recruitment is hard, I am not saying that just by thinking good thoughts you will make easy placements but negative thoughts will certainly not help you. Every problem has a solution, sometimes as Recruiters you just need to dig deep to find that candidate, make that placement or solve a problem. It is kind of cliche but it is true hard work pays off, the more calls you make the more interviews you have, the more interviews means the more placements.

I am sure in your industry that the equivalent of that 80 yr old runner with a hip replacement is out there making cold calls to candidates and making placements. Sometimes half the battle is having the right mind set. Once you have that locked in there really is no difficulty you can’t face.



2 thoughts on “In Recruitment It Is More Often Than Not Mind Over Matter

    • Hi Supriya, so good to hear from you after all these years. I hope everything is going well for you and your family.

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