90 Days (ok Actually 3 Months): What Has Happened

To say it has been a busy 3 months is an understatement (yes it has been almost three months to the day since I last posted on this blog). Things have been busy for me from all angles – the family and I went back to Canada for a number of weeks in June, I changed roles within Oracle at the same time, I have caught up with old friends and family and we have had 3 birthdays during all of this as well.

I downloaded the Everyday Application a few months ago and used it for most of this time. The premise is that you are meant to take a photo of yourself every day for well whatever period of time you want to. There were a few bad hair days in the mix for me but this App was fun and if I had the patience to do it for a few years it would have been more interesting seeing the changes.

Anyway back to what I have been up to. Going back to Canada was fantastic. It had been 5 years since we were last in Canada and we all had a great time catching up with friends and family. While I love living in Australia and the life we have here, we all really settled back into Canada very easily and into old friendships and relationships without skipping a beat. Mel and I were even able to spend a weekend in New York without the kids which was great!!

Work wise it has been busy for me as well. I have recently started a new role here at Oracle and I am loving the new challenge and opportunity. One of the things that I love about working at Oracle is that there can be so much learning and development that you can do if you want to. Sometimes it involves stepping out of your comfort zone but that is what growing is all about.

Working in such a dynamic company creates opportunities to develop yourself and continue to grow and learn. I am still working in our Recruitment Organisation, however I am now focussed 100% on our JAPAC Campus Hiring initiatives. We have a great Campus Recruitment Team and I am excited at getting the chance to work with everyone and build on the success we have already had.

The last 3 months have been busy, hectic, challenging and fun all at the same time and I think that is why it has gone by so quickly!! I am looking forward to next 3 months and hope they are just as good.

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