The Taste of Humble Pie with a Side Order of Facebook

For those of you who read this blog, you will know I am a Social Media enthusiast. I utilise Social Media in my work, in my personal life – it touches just about everything I do in some form or another. About 12 months ago, with so many SM sites to use and update, it all became a bit too much for me to manage. I had to draw the line and make sure my days didn’t get sucked up into the abyss of SM.

If you look back in the archives you will see blog posts that I have written where I announced that I was closing my facebook account. While I enjoy SM – it was becoming too much for me to maintain too many SM sites. Facebook was good in its own right, but it did not give me the competitive advantage that other networks did and I was not really all that interested in what people were doing with Farmville or Mafia Wars. As for keeping in touch with family and friends – call me crazy, but the phone (skype) still works.

I know there are settings to limit the amount of feeds and updates that you get on Facebook but at the time it was easier for me to simply close my account and draw that line in the sand to help me monitor my SM usage.

I know when I need to eat humble pie and today setting up my new FB account, I certainly got a full serve of it. Today I reluctantly joined back up to FB. I would have liked to have thought that today when I set up my new Facebook account, it would be the event of all events but rather than setting up my profile with a bang I have re-joined facebook with more of a whimper.

So why did I rejoin FB? There are two main reasons: The first is as much as I use phone, email, messenger, twitter, etc…. to keep in touch with family and friends FB can be good to keep the channels of communication open with people that you don’t always speak to. There are some people who I used to speak to on FB that since I closed my account I do not think I have spoken to since. I would like to keep in touch with these people (as well as everyone else) but I don’t always have the time available to me. FB gives me the chance to keep in touch with people I don’t see or regularly interact with every day. The second reason is that I want to look at using FB for work. I have used FB in my role in the past but it has not really been effective. With some of the changes over the past 12 months I think there are some new apps that could be beneficial.

One thing that I want to do better this time around is better balance my work and personal connections. I don’t necessarily want to share pictures of my kids with my work connections and vice versa I am sure my family isn’t hanging on tender hooks (sp?) to find out what role I am hiring for. How do I balance this?? Any suggestions?

I may have been quick to close my account but I don’t regret closing my FB account last year, at the time for me it worked. Will FB be around in 5-10 yrs who knows but for the moment I am happy to jump back on this bandwagon, although I think in a more limited capacity than previously.

Oh my new FB profile is

(it still needs to be updated)

One thought on “The Taste of Humble Pie with a Side Order of Facebook

  1. I have tagged/categorized all my contacts on FB. So while sharing a picture I make sure to set the sharing settings. This is true for most of the activities done on FB, uplaod video, post comment etc.
    You can definitely try this out for maintaining the balance

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