Even Through Writers Block, Blogging is Still Valuable….Thanks to Justin Hillier

I met with Justin Hillier a few months ago and he gave me the chance to talk about how I have incorporated Social Media and Blogging into my work as a Recruiter in my job at Oracle. Justin was only able to post the video online recently and he posted it online today. Here is the video below:

I have not blogged or tweeted as much this year as I have in previous years. Bill Boorman asked me today if the reason I was not online was because I did not see any value in SM. Even though my writing has been down I still think Social Media (SM) is an invaluable tool. The main reason I have not been blogging too much lately is that I am in the middle of (another) case of writer’s block.

I see some blogger’s who post every 2-3 days religisiously. Some of these bloggers are great but there are some blogs posts I have read where I get the feeling that some people think that they must blog every 2 days to be succesful. What this results in I think is that people just end up writing blog posts for the sake of writing them rather than trying to write something honest and original. I would rather blog something that means something to me rather than put up a blog post just to keep up the numbers.

Watching this video posted today on Justin’s website may give me that combination of energy, motivation and ideas to get out of this writing rut.

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