Blogging….How do You Measure Success – Your Thoughts Needed

I am not sure what is happening this new year, but I find over the past few weeks that I have had a number of people asking me about my blogging. Some of the questions I have been asked include: Why do I blog, what is the purpose, how do I measure blogging success, etc…..

For me, I blog because I like to share my thoughts, ideas and knowledge with the communities I am involved in. I think being part of a community (online or in-person) means giving back and participating in it.

As you may know I write primarily on two blogs. This blog is more my private blog to share my thoughts and ideas which are both work and family oriented. I also created and am the primary blogger for the Oracle Corporation Recruitment Blog. I set up the Oracle Recruitment blog almost two years ago to share with people what it is like to work here at Oracle and give people an insight into what life is like here.

One of the questions that has been asked of me that has had me thinking over the past few weeks is – How do you measure blogging success?

I know you can measure things like webpage hits, viewers, number of subscribers or a number of other items from google analytics or from WordPress Statistics, but from a business perspective how does this translate into success. Many business folks think in a more linear perspective – that is how is this helping my business. I think personally the way way business is conducted is changing and it is becoming more collaborative. I have had people asking me how many resumes or placements do I get out of blogging. As I mentioned in a few presentations I have done before – collecting resumes is not the primary focus of why I blog. For me it really is about sharing information that I hope helps people. If I write open and honestly then I think that things like sales leads or resumes or placements will follow naturally but those are a secondary outcome not the primary reason I blog.

I am catching up with Michael Specht later today to discuss some of these questions. I like talking to people who just ‘get social media and blogging’ and Michael is one of those people. Michael has been blogging much longer than I have and is a great sounding board as he knows his stuff. But rather than ask another blogger and another Social Media Enthusiast I also wanted to ask the question to readers of this blog.

That is – How do you measure the success of a blog?

Should it be measured by standard analytics such as web page hits, subscriber count, time spent on blog, etc… or should it be focused more on corporate measurements that is things like sales deals completed, sales leads, conversion from lead to close rates, etc…. From a Recruitment perspective this may be things like number of placements or number of resumes.

I encourage you to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, I would like to find out what people think Blog success should measured by.

Are things like number of subscribers and web page hits just airy fairy statistics or is there is something else to measure the success of a blog by?

3 thoughts on “Blogging….How do You Measure Success – Your Thoughts Needed

  1. Hi David,

    Good to hear that you have started your personal Blog. I have been following your tweets for quite some time now.

    To me a Blog success can be measured from the following dimensions:

    1. How well does the Blog codifies the author knowledge, experience, or how-to.

    2. How well other people learn new knowledge from our Blog.

    3. A Blog can also be seen as a learning medium. Many knowledge management and education researcher argues that Blogging helps the author to internalize knowledge. So we can say that a Blog is successful if it helps the author to internalize new knowledge after he/she Blog.

    I am always open for a constructive discussion around blogging and social media. Feel free to tweet me (, or email.


  2. It’s hard to value what a successful blog really means to you. All comes down to what you are using it for.

    For me, it’s an information source for new and old photographers. I also look at the trends once in while with Google Analytics. That way I understand more about my content.

    For others they may judge it in AdWord revenue or similar.

    But if you enjoy it – keep doing it.

  3. Hi David,

    Personally you need to look at all
    Standard Analytics, Metrics specific to your business and web influence or community influence.

    How’s that to muddy the water.

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