Social Networking…How Much Talk About it is too Much

It has been a while since my last blog post – at first I was thinking that it must just be a case of writers block, which sometimes happens. Yesterday though, I had the chance to meet with @sarahatcarve while she was in Melbourne and after talking to her I started to think maybe it is not a case of writers block but maybe we (general online community) have said all there is to say about social media for the moment.

Sarah and I have been talking to each other on Twitter for a while and it was great to finally get the chance to meet her. Sarah runs Carve Consulting in Australia which is a consulting firm that helps organisations realise value from corporate social networks. (taken from webpage). It was great to talk to someone who gets social media/networks and sees the value they provide in a business capacity. As Sarah and I were talking I found myself answering my own questions about why it has been a while since my last blog post. A few things that I mentioned when I met with Sarah:

  • I think there is too much hype around Social Media/Networking at the moment – it is great everyone is finally coming around to using these tools, but there are too many “experts” saying the same thing as each other which I think is taking away some of value of what the real enthusiasts are using these tools for. How many webinars can I be invited to about using LinkedIn/Twitter for Recruiting – especially by those “experts” who have just signed up to these sites.


  • I think there is too much white noise on some networks – I always feel a bit dirty when I get those LinkedIn invitations to connect with me like this one below that I received recently:


“If we are not already directly connected and you are open to being a 1st degree connection with me on LinkedIn, then please know that I am an open networker, I will accept your invitation and I will not IDK you [insert: if you press I do not know this person on an invite – LinkedIn views the person as spamming you and may cancel their account]

My LinkedIn profile is:
My LinkedIn email address is: .
Look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn. JT “

These people remind me of travelling salesman but instead of going from city to city they are going from network to network. They are not adding value to online networks, they are just building up numbers of connections for their own sales reason. I think it is great people use these networks to build business but be open about it. I have over 2500 connections on LinkedIn, but I only invite people I have spoken to or have some connection with.


  • A lot of people are starting to use Social networks (this is good) but many businesses or individuals haven’t thought about why they are going online (this is bad). Is to find a job, build a brand, increase sales, increase revenue, etc…. .


It reminds me of a conversation I had with my sister a while back (she is in marketing) she mentioned that many of her clients always jumped up and down and said they had to create a facebook page as part of their marketing plan. When she asked them why they thought that – they never had an answer, the standard response was always “because it is what everyone else is doing” – it kind of reminds me of when your parents would ask you if your friends jumped off a cliff would you?? People should do what works for them, it is great to try new ways to do things, but think about what you want to achieve before blindly following a trend.


Looking back on the year I think the main focus of many of my blog posts has been focused on using Social Media Tools in Recruitment which makes sense as I am an experienced Recruiter and a Social Media enthusiast. I would like to think that some of the information I have written has helped somebody in their job search.

For those of you who have read enough of my posts talking about the latest and greatest social media tools, next year I am aiming to have fewer blog posts based around Social Media Tools – yes Twitter that includes you!

The feeling I have lately is that there is more than enough talk happening online about these tools. Don’t get me wrong I love using social networks and social media tools – they have helped me in my success here at Oracle, but there is already plenty of information available to help anyone navigate through the world of social media – from the first day novice to the seasoned enthusiast – we do not all have to fill up our social networks saying the same thing over and over about how to use social networks 🙂

In my next blog post I want to follow up with a few more things Sarah and I spoke about and talk about some of the things I think will happen in the Social Media space next year once the hype dies down.

One thought on “Social Networking…How Much Talk About it is too Much

  1. This post completely nailed how I was feeling this last year. At first, social media was immensely intriguing and new, and our recruiting team got on the bandwagon as a way to promote our company. It was nice and the feedback was great. But by the end of the year, and particularly since my company was acquired and my job eliminated, I wondered what was the point as I went back to reading all these bloggers. We all were talking about the same things – what was left to say in social recruitment? And, I too, noticed how people pilfered from others more adept at writing or articulating their thoughts. So what is the point then? I think to continue an open dialog with individuals around the world and give greater visibility to (perhaps) lesser known name brand companies. Advertising of sorts. Good work here, thanks!

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