I Survived the Corporate Games for Another Year (Just)

Over the weekend I again had the opportunity to compete in the Australian Corporate Games which were held here in Melbourne, Australia. This is the 4th year in a row that I have competed in the Corporate Games and I think it is great that Oracle continues to support and encourage us to participate in these types of events.

The events I was in took place on Saturday morning – it was a pretty hectic morning for me as the 5km run was held at 8:00 am and our 3 basketball games were held between 8:45 am – 11:15 am. By 3:00 pm I was at home sleeping on the couch! This year I competed in the 5km run and was also a member of the Men’s Basketball Team. I was really happy with my time for the 5km run as I completed it this year in 22:30 minutes (thanks to Hema for pushing me along that last km or two).

Overall Event Place Name Organisation Time Event

31 12 David Talamelli Oracle 22.25 5K Men 30-39

Once I finished the run I had time to grab an apple and then I had to run from the running event straight to the baskbetball courts as our first game was at 8:45 am. I haven’t played basketball for about 6 months, but had a great time out there.

The first team we came up against (Aussie Post) I get the funny feeling have played together before. I think they had about three 7’0 footers in the team and they could all could shoot the lights out. Anyway we got destroyed in that game and lost to what turned out to be the eventual winner of our pool, but I did hit a 3-pointer which surprised me as my shooting is really not that great. The next two games were a lot closer and we had a bit of fun at the end, even though we didn’t win any of our 3 games, we put up a good fight. We also had two mixed basketball teams and Megan’s Team did much better as they came third overall which is a great result.

I forgot to bring my camera this year, so I didn’t get any pictures but if I can find any I will post them up. Thanks again to Megan and Kate for organising everything for the Basketball and Running events.

This blog post was originally published at David Talamelli’s Blog – David’s Journal on Tap

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