Social Networks Despite What People Say About You….I Still Want to Hang Out

socialnetwork.jpgAh all the Social Networks I use [insert network here, LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, etc], we have been hanging out together for the past four (4) or so years and have been on some crazy and fun adventures together. You have certainly helped me bring some great people into Oracle and you have brought some excitement into my day. I have been having some issues with Email lately (see previous post), but I think I want to keep hanging out with you guys. I know there are a number of managers and “experts” who will tell me that I am wasting my time with you and that you are a bad influence on me, but I still enjoy our time together.

I keep hearing from a number of people that you are a distraction to me and that you take up my time when I should be focusing on work activities. Despite what those people say you help me in building our companies employment brand – you provide a great way to share with people not only the things we are doing here, but also share with people what it can be like to work here. I can’t thank you enough for all your support during the times you have helped when I needed to find that “needle in a haystack” candidate.

The way we work is changing, being told not to use you during work hours is like trying to stop a tsunami by putting your hand out. I know that not everybody “gets you”, but just because they don’t understand you doesn’t mean that you are a bad influence. I love that my management team understands you, they let us hang out together because they know the good I see in you. They also treat me like an adult and let me be responsible for my own actions. If you and I goofed off all day long and it affected my work – I am sure they would think differently, but the results you and I have delivered together far outweigh the negatives.

It is through you that I have been able to collaborate with and talk to so many new and interesting people. I have learned many new things through you and you make this world a much more connected place.

I know you are not a “silver bullet” that will magically solve all my recruitment problems, but when times have been tough you have been there for me.

I am interested to see what will become of you in the next few years – I think you will have to consolidate yourself somehow, there are new sites coming up daily – I can’t keep up!! I look forward to more adventures with you and seeing what the future holds for you – if you need to find me I am at


2 thoughts on “Social Networks Despite What People Say About You….I Still Want to Hang Out

  1. I feel your pain, David. Its an avalanche of social connectedness online. Let’s hope some whizz somewhere can figure it all out and give us the ultimate social app/network gadget! No more fumbling and forgetting šŸ˜›

  2. I cannot understand how I could live without a mobile phone, or even without internet… I still remember when it took hours to download anything to your home PC, and here we are…
    We surely feel the same within a few years…

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