In Recruitment – Customer Service is King

As a person who has been on both sides of the recruitment fence, I can empathize with Job Seekers as to what it can be like when you are looking for a new job. There is typically a great deal of leg work including numerous emails, phone calls and meetings that do not culminate with your desired result- A Job. I think that in Recruitment like any other position where you are dealing with people, Customer Service is paramount. Not only should we treat people the way that we would like to be treated ourselves, but if we can leave people with a positive experience when they deal with us – it is beneficial for everyone involved in the process.

The other week I posted a blog entry titled: Treat Your Job Search as a Sales Process. One of our readers left a comment that I could not agree with more. Tommy Li mentioned that just as candidates should treat their job search as a sales process similarly companies should also make sure they too are engaging with candidates to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Tommy is absolutely right, as Recruiters we need to make sure that we are effectively communicating with our candidates. The recruitment process is 100% a two way street between company and candidate. As Recruiters, candidates want to talk to us, they have questions about our open roles, they want to see if a role fits their skills/interests or if our work culture matches what they are looking for. A Recruiter’s interaction with people helps form their perception of a company.

I am amazed to still see Recruiters who do not want to be found or want to talk to their candidates. I often see Recruiters advertise roles on job boards and not list any contact details – no email, no phone number, no contact name. How is a candidate going to follow up about an opportunity or find out more about your company?? Yes, sometimes as Recruiters we get enquiries from people who do not fit our “scope of search”, but it doesn’t mean we should shy away from talking to candidates or not give anybody the chance to talk to us. That is our job.

As the recruitment landscape changes, our role as Recruiters is morphing. Yes, we are still primarily responsible for identifying and bringing on board talented individuals for our open roles, but increasingly our role is taking on a branding focus. Recruiters will have many conversations with people that will not result in them landing a job, but any conversation and interaction with a candidate will help establish and create our “employment brand”. People remember good customer service that they receive and they also remember poor customer service or no customer service that they receive. If a candidate has a poor experience or has no communication from a company that they are interested in they may in turn be more hesitant to express interest in that company in the future (“A first impression is a lasting impression”). If they have a good experience (even if it does not result in a job offer), not only is that person likely to keep exploring opportunities with us, but they are likely to share the experience they had with others. They can become a valuable member of our networking community and when the right opportunity comes along they willingly consider engaging with the organisation.

With all the latest ways to communicate with people (phone, text, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc…), it can be overwhelming at times for Recruiters to get back to everybody, particularly when your are bombarded with messages. We should try our best to talk to the people who are interested in working with us, even if it is just to say “thanks for the interest in our company”. Keeping that line of communication open and engaged is the life blood of our roles.

4 thoughts on “In Recruitment – Customer Service is King

  1. I could not agree more with this post. We have been in construction recruitment for over 20 years, and customer service is our number 1 focus. We always stress to or tradespeople the importance of turning up on site as and when we have agreed, and working to the best of their ability every day on every job we send them too. We always extensively check out our new recruits, and place the right candidate to the right job, to ensure our client gets the best out of our construction workers. You are only as good as your last job.

  2. I think that David has hit the nail on the head here. As Recruitment professionals we must never lose sight of the fact that we are in a customer service related business with candidates and hiring managers making up our customer base. Treating these customers professionally and in a dignified manner is tantamount to our success.
    The best recruiting professionals in the industry are the ones who are always out front with their hiring managers and candidates, communicating often and with pertinent data. We must always strive to put these customers first to remain at the top of our game!

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