RecruitTech Recruitment and Technology Conference: Canberra September 2009

Last week I was invited to speak at the RecruitTech Recruitment and Technology Conference being held in Canberra on September 18th 2009.

Having a look at the Presenters there should be some interesting presentations, I am particularly looking forward to hearing from Michael Specht, Thomas Shaw, Kelly Magowan, Riges Younan and Phillip Tusing who I all know and think highly of.

I have been asked to present on the topic blogging from a recruitment perspective. When I started to think about this over the weekend I struggled to think of a starting point for this discussion.

I have been blogging for 12+ months now and I feel blogging has become a normal part of my day, it is just something that I do and not necessarily think about. I think good blogging occurs when people write what they believe in and/or feel. When you are honest in your communication that is reflected in your writing. Similarly, when you write what you think people want to hear or are not genuine in what you write that also is reflected in your writing and often comes across that way. Blogging is a great way to connect and talk to your readers, but if you are going to blog, do it for the right reasons not because you feel you have to or because it is the thing to do.

I am an big fan of blogging – both writing them and reading them. It will be difficult to keep my presentation to the 20 minutes I have been allocated, more importantly I need to start gathering my thoughts and think about what material to put into this presentation and what material to leave out.

The link to the RecruitTech Blog where I conducted an interview with the organisers is here.
The link to the RecruitTech Program List is here


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