Where Have You Been all my Social Networking Life?

For regular readers, you will know I utilise many Social Networks in my role here as a Recruiter for Oracle. I try to use about 3-4 networks as using many more can become too much to handle, other wise I would be spending 24/7 of my time trying to manage my online profile. Last week I came across the website

Gizapage potentially could be a life saver to help me manage my social networks. What Gizapage does is that it consolidates all of my social networks and provides links to many of my online profiles and networks. On the top bar you can click on each social network tab and it will take you to my corresponding social network page of that site. Here is a screenshot of my page below:


A benefit of I think of is for those times when you are talking to someone and they ask if you have a profile they can view or refer to – rather than going through all your profiles and trying to remember each webpage – you now simply have to give the one webpage link which provides access to all your online profiles.

This is also good for your email signature. My email signature was getting out of hand, I had links to our blog, linkedin, twitter, etc…. on top of my phone number, title and address. It was getting to the stage that there was too much information on my signature. Now with one webpage link my signature can look much cleaner than with numerous links attached to it.

From my initial look at gizapage, I like it. It certainly makes managing my online profile easier. I like that you can measure statistics on your gizapage dashboard to see what sites are getting the most traffic. I would like it even more if it had the function to update all my profiles automatically when any profile is updated, however I am not sure how that could be done given the variety of social networking sites out there.

I think this is a natural step in the social networking space, it was only a matter of time before someone thought of a way to consolidate all the social networks out there.

My Gizapage landing page can be found at

3 thoughts on “ Where Have You Been all my Social Networking Life?

  1. My friends use Myspace, Friendster and Facebook most of the time. But they consume alot of time during the login phase for each social network account.
    I’ll refer this to them.
    If you have multiple email accounts, you can use BrandingYP Toolbar with Email Notifier to manage them all in browser toolbars.
    It is awesome for business professionals who has two accounts both for public and private use.

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