Australian Computer Society Event: Social Networking in a Business Context

Last night I was one of the presenters on a panel at the monthly meeting for the Australian Computer Society. The topic that was discussed was “Social Networking in a Business Context”.

Thanks to the ACS for organising and running the presentation. Individual thanks to Yasas Abeywickrama, Ksenija Catic and Jeanette Wirt from the ACS for their help and also to my co-presenters Charlynn Miller and Corry Brouwer.


It was an interesting night and I feel we only really scratched the surface of Social Networking and its use. It is such a broad term and the way that an individual or organisation uses Social Networking can vary greatly depending on what you are looking to achieve.

It can be difficult to keep pace in the Social Networking space with the speed of which the technology is changing. There are so many different tools and applications to use and they are constantly being superceded by new tools or apps. I would suggest to use the 3-4 tools that best suit your purposes other wise social networking can consume too much of your time trying to manage multiple accounts and networks.

On the drive home, I was thinking that it will be interesting to see what the current state of Social Networking develops into in 2,5,10 years. Will we continue to use the tools that we use today? Will we still use them in the same context?

Generation Y certainly embraces the technology and tools, however if we think of the next generation that enters the workforce after this – is it fair to assume they will be even more technically savvy or adept in this space?

What do you think will become of social Networking and sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning, Plaxo, etc….., how will we use these sites to interact, what will happen in 2,5,10 years??

5 thoughts on “Australian Computer Society Event: Social Networking in a Business Context

  1. The world of social networks is truly becoming revolutionised, especially as the world begins to pick up on the highly mobile aspects of social networking. It allows businesses to interact with customers and businesses in a way that was not possible 10 years ago.

  2. Hi David,
    I too enjoyed the discussion the other night. I suspect, given what we have seen happen so far with technology, that in the next 3-5 years, we will see a completely different set of tools being used. It may be that these tools still exist, but take on new form through the use of mashups, or that we have entirely new tools bringing in the new technologies that we’ve yet to experience!
    Generation Z as they are now being called, will no doubt stretch us even more than the “Y”‘s have, and we will most likely see a change in direction to most tools.
    I personally find that exciting and exhausting at the same time!

  3. Hi David,
    Things are moving very quickly, and we are just at the beginning of the road. I don’t know if we’ll be using the same tools but for sure it wont be in the same way.
    We just started to be interconnected and many companies are just embracing the 2.0 technology, I guess in the near future we’ll start to see dynamic tools based on user profiles and segmented based on their preferences.
    We are in the “information overload” era , 2.0 technology should now move forward to interact “a la carte”

  4. David
    The newer generations are demonstrating a high affinity for change – sometimes even demanding change. This will result in newer sites / applications taking over from the current set. And those that remain too will undergo sea changes over a period of time.
    Considering the above, an important question is – how do we maintain continuity in the virtual world? Blogging was a key channel for online presence once. Now micro-blogging is taking over. It will be something else tomorrow. So what will happen to the presence I estabished via blogging a few years ago? How do I transition that into micro-blogging & then onto something else?
    Looking forward to people’s thoughts on this.

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