Who knew Blogging Could be This Addictive

Who knew Blogging could be this addictive??? I have been blogging for just over a year now and I find myself now creating and writing my first new blog entry on my second blog. The first few blog entries I created about this time last year took a lot of thought and effort. Fast forward 12 months and I find writing to be a great outlet and way to unwind (wouldn’t my English Teachers from High School be surprised to hear me say that).

The first blog I created last year is Oracle’s Recruitment Blog. This blog actually began on the blogspot platform but after six months we moved it over to blogs.oracle.com. The Oracle blog was created to share with people some of the interesting things happening at Oracle and share with readers the thoughts, ideas and stories from Oracle’s Global Recruitment Team. The success of the blog is far greater than I ever could have imagined. From August 2008 to now (May 2009) the blog has had over 40 000 hits and has 1400+ subscribers.

I have set up this blog (David’s Journal on Tap) to be able to share more about the things that happen outside of work. Life can be quite busy sometimes, maybe a bit suburban at times, but with 3 young children it certainly keeps each day interesting.

I am not sure what this blog holds in store or what direction it could end up taking, but I hope you enjoy the entries.

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