A Job Board Making Its Mark

Generalist Job Boards have come under pressure over the past few years with the increased usage of Web 2.0 Technologies and Social Networking Tools by companies to source and recruit candidates. Many observers note that Generalist Job Boards only offer a one way dialogue for candidates at a time when candidates want more than to just look at a job advertisement.

Unlike some of the larger Job Boards in Australia, I think offers greater value to candidates and employers than just a job posting service. I think using allows candidates to better understand a company and the role they are looking to fill.

Niche Job Boards have stepped in to fill this gap left in the market by the larger Job Boards and I had the chance to talk to Kelly Magowan from about how they are shaking up the job board market in Australia.


1) How long has been in operation, what makes it different/unique from other traditional Job Boards?

Six Figures launched in March 2008, as the only stand alone executive job site in the Australian marketplace for $100K+ package jobs and contracts across all industries and professions.

Our focus is on connecting top talent with great job opportunities in a professional and transparent fashion. We have a fantastic membership of talented people who come to our site to source relevant job opportunities and access great job and career resources that are pertinent to a professional or executive. We have a membership model more than other job boards, which is a part of our point of difference.

So rather than being in the high-volume classifieds business such as the generalist job sites, we focus on a niche market – the top 10% of salary earners and advertisers looking to connect with this target market – via this new platform where they can effectively build a relationship with one another.

2) We are hearing from many “Web 2.0” experts about the demise of the Job Board in its current form, do you believe this to be the case? Do Job Boards need to offer a different experience than traditional job advertising?

I suspect that there is some truth in these statements about the demise of current job boards in their traditional form, particularly generalist job boards that reflect the old print classified model transfered online. Ultimately, this model has not changed in the 12+ years since job boards launched in Australia.

Job boards serve a great purpose in that they aggregate a lot of job opportunities in one place to make it easier for the job seeker to search and apply; likewise they provide an application funnel for advertisers.

Job seekers and advertisers will always require a number of channels in which to connect with each other, from generalist sites, to niche, to social networking, referrals, etc. So these channels will not disappear but the way in which they are executed will certainly evolve. People are already becoming more discerning, particularly overseas where you see a lot more niche job board offerings that are very successful. People do like to interact in relevant communities and more and more we are seeing that they like to control and customize what and how they take in information, including job ads.

On Six Figures we enable members to give a star rating to ads, as well as having a blog, online Q&A and also the impending launch of a facility for members (job seekers) to subscribe to advertisers profiles to be notified of when they are next advertising. These functions enable our members to have ownership over the site, to rate the quality of what they like and to build a relationship with prospective employers. Transactional, low quality and touch? short term approaches job board models will not survive. Job seekers are clever and want substance and service rather than a gambling ‘pokies’ like experience.

3) You are a regular blogger and Web advocate, is there any blogs, websites that you follow or make an effort to read regularly?

I enjoy blogging and reading many other blogs and sites, as well as finding great articles and information via Twitter. There is so much great information, ideas and opinions available that I only wish there were more hours in the day. I like to keep up to speed with what is going on in Australia as well as overseas, with my core interests being around HR, Recruitment, Social Media, IT and Marketing. I regularly enjoy Destination Talent, ERE, OnRec, Tech Crunch, Springwise, Oracle Blog, Recruitment Directory, Seths Blog, MarketingProfs, Silkcharm Blog, HR Magazine, Recruiting Blogs, Job Board Blogs aggregator and Career Hub to name a few.

4) The staff at are not afraid to try new things, what can we expect from over the next 6-12 months?

On the surface Six Figures could appear to be just another job board, however our advertisers and members who use the site do so because of the value that it delivers them, be it for securing quality talent or accessing great jobs and careers information. We are always innovating and finding out what our members and advertisers want to see from the site, as it is important to be delivering value and innovating in areas where the market needs it. We have an ongoing R&D program that is integral to our business and will continue to build on the work we have done to date to “lift the bar” in talent attraction. TalentReach™ has been a big initiative for us more recently and we will be working on extensions of this service over time. In addition, we will introduce more innovations around the member profiles and advertiser profiles being more interactive, plus other executive-oriented features.

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