Recruitment Should be About Quality not Just Quantity

Over the past few months in talking with many people in the IT industry, there seems to be a general misconception that because of all of the layoffs and redundancies in the IT industry that there should be hundreds of candidates to choose from for any vacancy that is open regardless of the specialisation or seniority of the role. While there are more “Active Job-Seekers” in the market looking for work we need to remember that companies look at both “Active” and “Passive” candidates when hiring not just one or the other.

A Manager may believe that because of the state of the economy there should be a long list of available people for an open role available immediately who are waiting by the phone for a role. While it may be easy to create a long list of Active Candidates who are available for a role, it does not mean that they are best suited for the position or that the position is best suited for them. Depending on the scope of search that we may work to, many Job-Seekers may not have the specific Oracle product experience, level of seniority, industry specialisation, etc…. that we may be looking for. That is not a knock on candidates who do not fit our scope of search, it just means that we need to look at other opportunities that may better fit their skills/experience and career plans.

Regardless of what stage of the cycle the economy is in (boom or bust), I think Recruitment should always be about quality of service and that means getting the right role for the right candidate and vice versa not just about getting X amount of resumes for Y number of open roles. From a candidates perspective this means finding the next ideal opportunity for a candidate, whether that means increased job responsibility, salary, location, etc… From a company perspective this means finding the ideal candidate who fits the scope of search that we need to work to (technical skills, seniority, location, etc….)

Out of 100% of the workforce, traditionally 15% of that workforce are actively looking for a new role, 40% are not looking for to move job/company and 45% are passive candidates who would move if the right opportunity presented itself to them.

There may be more Active Job Seekers in today’s environment, but in my experience it is not just about whether a person is an Active or Passive Candidate, it is about finding the best person for the role. The people who may be best suited for a specific type of role may not necessarily be “Active Job Seekers”. Companies often do not let their All-Star Performers go (although it does happen) and when we look to hire we want to hire All-Stars where their skills/experience and career plans fit the open role and the role we have fits what that person is looking for.

Whether you are an Active or Passive Candidate, if you are an All-Star and are thinking about whether an opportunity at Oracle may be the next step in your career, feel free to contact David Talamelli at to look at potential job opportunities with us.

4 thoughts on “Recruitment Should be About Quality not Just Quantity

  1. David,
    I thought your article did a great job presenting the overarching goal of recruiting in both strong and weak economies. A great perspective on how you don’t rationally sub-group by Active or Passive candidates, focusing instead on All-Stars from any source.
    I did wonder what role the Oracle recruiting team plays during an acquistion. Do Oracle Recruiters actively engage in candidate review of an acquired company, or is that largely handled by the HR and integration teams?

  2. Hi Harvey,
    Thanks for the comment I am glad you are enjoying the blog.
    Yes there seems to be a misconception that because there may be more active jobseekers in a down economy = more suitable candidates, however this does not automatically equate to there being more qualified people for a role.

  3. Another statistics to consider in all of this is that well over 70% of the candidates selected through the interview process are not well suited for the job. A corollary would then be that the same number of “requirements/qualifications” specified for the job are also does not accurately reflect the job.

  4. Hey David,
    I really enjoyed the blog and completely agree with you that “recruitment should always be about quality of service “and for this very reason I firmly believe in candidate assessment. Fortunately, now we have better tools and research to evaluate applicants hence, manage talent much more efficiently and making recruitment more about quality.
    I was wondering how the assessment process works at Oracle?

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