Motivation from Seth Godin and David Carman

I read Seth Godin’s Blog In the Mood last night which I wanted to share. I enjoy reading his blog entries as they are great for getting/keeping me motivated through out the day.

It reminded me of some training that I attended in Melbourne in December last year from Carman White. CarmanWhite provide professional development services to the recruitment and selection industry. I have attended numerous courses run by David Carman and I think he has a great approach that gets the best out of people and inspires them in their work.

Below is one of the CarmanWhite slides that David shared in his training. The slide relates to how accountable people are for their actions. For example some people always blame circumstances or have a reason why they did not do something. At the other end of the spectrum some people get on with their (GOWI) work to find solutions to the actions they are tasked with.

I found that by looking at myself and seeing how I handle situations, I can see what group I was fitting in (although people can go from group to group) and was able to adjust my actions as I needed to.

A wait and hope approach to solving a problem or reaching a goal does not often work, but by changing our accountability and taking action to find solutions we put our destiny in our own hands.

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