Using Twitter to Land a Job: Real Life Examples

As readers of our blog may know I am an advocate of Web 2.0 technologies and Social Networking Tools – specifically as it applies to Job Searching and Recruitment.

I have just read an article by Jonelle Marte titled “Twitter Yourself a Job .

Jonelle Marte writes “Looking for a new job, Alexa Scordato didn’t email or call her contacts about possible openings. Instead, she messaged them via the social-networking Web site

Her brief message: “Hey there! Looking for a Social Media job up in Boston. Are you guys doing any entry level hires?”

Within a week, she had an interview. Within two weeks, she had a job.

…It’s been criticized as a site for sharing mundane details about everyday activities. But people like 22-year-old Ms. Scordato, who used Twitter to privately message some people she’d met at a conference, show the site can be more than that.

“I would guess that if I had just sent them a long email with my résumé, I might not have gotten a response as fast as I did,” says Ms. Scordato, who was hired by Mzinga, a Boston-area company that helps businesses use social technology.””

This is a fantastic example of the changing way that companies and candidates are now using Social Networking Tools to connect with each other. I do not believe tools like Twitter have gained widespread acceptance in the Recruitment Industry yet (I stress the word yet as it is becoming more mainstream) but it is quickly becoming a more viable tool and will soon be common practice in Recruitment. To stay connected with candidates companies will need to integrate these tools into their recruitment strategies and be less reliant on using job boards and traditional means of recruitment to attract top candidates.

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2 thoughts on “Using Twitter to Land a Job: Real Life Examples

  1. Well, using social media to land an entry-level job with a social media company makes sense. However, I think it would be a stretch to use this approach with most companies.

  2. Hi Jeff,Thanks for the comment. I think this is a good example of how Twitter can be used, however Twitter is not confined to digital media companies only. If you search some of the users on Twitter you will find employees from every range of company and most of the IT companies (IBM, Microsoft, Google, Sun, etc….).I use Twitter to engage with our candidates regularly and find that with using tools like Twitter it is a great way to engage with people from all walks of life.From my own personal experience I have had people interviewed at Oracle that I have “met” from Twitter.

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