Recruiting Survey Results: What would you do??

Last Thursday I raised the question “if you were approached by a Recruiter about a new opportunity would you be interested in exploring further?” with our readers. Over the past few days there have 20 responses to this question and the results were a little bit different than I had thought they would be.

The results of the Survey were:

-No, I am comfortable and happy in my current role/company – 15%
-Yes, I am actively looking for a new role – 30%
-Yes, but only if it provided me with career advancement or other opps. – 35%
-Yes, but only if it was a significant increase in salary – 20%

I initially suggested that a larger percentage of people would say “No, I am happy where I am” – this suggests to me that people in today’s environment are more open to the idea of new opportunities then they may have been as long as it falls in line with what they are looking for. One possible reason for this could be the changing demographics of the workplace. With more Generation Y workers joining the workforce, there is a shift in the thinking of what a career means to a person (note: this is a small sample size of 20, however I can see this shift in my daily interaction with candidates).

The other interesting point to note was that people who would move but are not actively looking for a new role are more interested in the career advancement more so than the salary increase. When changing roles, salary makes up only one portion of the reason people look to move and should not be the focus point – I do believe in the saying: do the work what you enjoy (love) and the rewards will follow.

3 thoughts on “Recruiting Survey Results: What would you do??

  1. The figures more than likely show the demographic who are subscribed to the blog… If you are looking for a role with Oracle you would be watching this blog closely… It would be good to hear about career changes in this blog (ie ppl moving from one stream of IT to another)

  2. Hi David,It does appear that irrespective of age, profession and years of work experience, more and more people are looking for career progression, new challenges and a sense of satisfaction from their work. As you have so clearly put, it is about loving what you do. Our High Salary Earners report earlier this year confirmed your findings here, with Career Progression Opportunities coming in as the number two driver by high salary earners considering a job change. The number one spot was the Leadership Team. KellySix Figures, the Executive Job Site

  3. “Anonymous said… The figures more than likely show the demographic who are subscribed to the blog”This is a good point – I think one of the main things this survey showed was that people when people do look to move roles it is not always just about salary or $$$$ package – from the survey and my dealings with candidates it seems to be more about the opportunity and if it is the ideal next step for them in their career or what they want to do.Thanks again for the comment.David Talamelli

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