Recruiting Survey: What would you do???

I had the chance to meet Thomas Shaw (CEO of Recruitment Directory) earlier today, it was great to meet him and we had a very thought provoking conversation.

As Thomas and I spoke about passive and active candidates, it got me to thinking of some statistics that I had been told years ago during some training and I thought I would put those statistics to the test.

A number of Recruitment Professionals classify candidates as either being Active Candidates or Passive Candidates. Active Candidates being people who are actively seeking a new role and Passive Candidates being people who Recruiters may approach about roles when they are not necessarily looking for a new role.

Loosely speaking the statistics generally look like this: out of 100% of the workforce: 15% of that workforce is actively looking for a new role. Out of the remaining 85% of the workforce 40% would say “no, I am not interested in a new role” if they received a call from a Recruiter, while the other 45% would say “yes, I would be interested in a new role” if they received a call from a Recruiter.

I have put this survey above together and would like to get our readers thoughts to see what they would do if they were to receive a call from a Recruiter about potential new roles or opportunities.

It would be interesting to see what the results. As you know Recruiters talk to both “Active and Passive Candidates” but regardless of what type of candidate you are I still believe the main thing is to find the right role for an individual that meets what they are looking for (whether it is money, career, work/life balance, etc…)

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