Recruitment is Becoming an Increasingly Transparent Business

With the advent and increased usage of the various social networking sites available I believe recruitment will increasingly become a much more transparent business then it traditionally has been in the past.

In the past, it was the Recruiter’s who held most of the information about a Candidate and vice versa about a Hiring Manager. A Hiring Manager or Candidate would have to rely on getting information they wanted about each other from the Recruiter. This put the control of the flow of information for the most part with the Recruiter.

However, with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Personal Blogs, etc…. information about a Candidate or about a Hiring Manager is no longer just in the hands of a Recruiter. For example, with the right search criteria Candidates can find out what a company is like to work at, why a role is open, what a Hiring Manager is like, etc… I think our roles as Recruiters is changing. A Recruiter’s role should be to act as a facilitator in the hiring process and be able to provide the relevant information to both Candidates and Hiring Managers for them to be able to make an informed decision.

With the information available online and on social networking sites, it is not just about finding the right person for a role, I think that is only half the job. It is also equally important to find out what type of role a Candidate is looking for in his next challenge. If a Recruiter can find the right fit for a Candidate and Hiring Manager then it leads to a road for success. If Recruiters are only concerned about meeting their KPI’s or putting “bums on seats” it is hard to see that model being successful for a sustained period of time, especially in today’s environment.

One thought on “Recruitment is Becoming an Increasingly Transparent Business

  1. Hi David,I really enjoyed reading your post about transparency in the recruitment process and how this is becoming more prevalent thanks to new media and technology. What has always fascinated me over the years is how as a job seeker we have been forced to expose our life history and personal details on the basis of generally speaking a non-descript job ad. There seemed to be an imbalance here. Now we see more balance coming into play with sites that enable us to access a lot more information about the companies we are looking to join, including their leadership, culture, pay scales and so on which is great. As a hirer we can also find out even more information about potential applicants thanks to the every growing amount of social networking sites. However as you have indicated it is not just about finding out more about the applicants, it is using this information to assist in making the right hiring decision for the company and also for the applicant, that is aligned with their personal needs and career goals. I personally think that this increased transparency is great for employers and job seekers. The one part of the puzzle however that is still to evolve is providing more information in the job ad! This is the link between the two parties yet frequently there is little information available at this point in the recruitment process, which is a constant frustration for most job seekers in particular high salary bracket for Executives and High Salary Earners. They are unlikely to apply for a job that does not include key information they must know such as salary, the employer, key responsibilities, leadership, and benefits and so on. Six Figures, the Executive Job Site,blog

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