Strive to do what You Enjoy

I read an interesting Blog entry today from Kate Carruthers in Australia.

The title of the Blog is : “ Why work in IT? 17,500 jobs slashed at BT, Sun and Yahoo!

I think during downturns in the economy reporters tend to report all the “doom and gloom” stories as it grabs the headlines and it can be easy to get swept up in the headlines.

While there are number of companies announcing lay-offs and redunancies there are still a number of companies that are hiring which tends to go unnoticed during these tough financial times.

In IT there are some great people and companies who really make innovative solutions and it can be very satisfying to be involved in that.

I think the reason for people to go into IT or stay in IT is not just about job security or salary, but people should aim to do something they enjoy and love (if they want to be accountants – go for it, but if coding is what someone enjoys they should strive for that). Your career can be your ticket to do the things you want to do and while you may not get there straight away, I think it is a good idea to spend your days doing the things you enjoy if possible.

3 thoughts on “Strive to do what You Enjoy

  1. The ups and downs of economy will continue to happen, never to be ceased. Economic principles are old, and they don’t really match with the dynamic and innovative nature of IT. IT professionals should work together to chip away IT from the stereotypical economic ups and downs. The best way to do that for them is to either only get employed into pure -at-heart IT companies like Google, Red Hat or Oracle, or they should go for become Independent Software Developers.

  2. It’s great article, very motivative. It is true to do something you enjoy, but life sucks, not everyone can achieve their own dreams.So you have to consider how to survive during this bad times.

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