Companies do Recruit in both Booms and Busts

I was reading a blog by Kevin Wheeler a bit earlier on today, the blog was about recruitment, his opening two paragraphs really got me thinking about recruitment in today’s environment in what some analysts are calling a potential recession (depending on who you speak to). The quote is:

“When the economic markets look grim, hiring is at a standstill, and budgets are frozen, perspective is what is important. As some have said, “When things are good, they are never as good as they seem. And when things are bad, they are never as bad as they seem.”

We should all use the pause in the hectic pace of the past few years to begin and frame the future we want when we emerge. And we will emerge. I am not sure when, of course, but within a few years we will be back at the global hiring process with renewed vigor and increased challenges.”

Over the past few weeks I have had a number of people contact me to see if Oracle is still hiring, if our roles have been put on hold, etc… The answer is YES we are still hiring. While the financial crisis affects us all and will do for some time, from a Recruitment perspective – we still have projects to work on at Oracle or deals to close. We are still busy and still have a lot of work we are doing.

Many of the roles I am recruiting for are for long term projects that are committed to for completion, or for sales positions that have a strong pipeline to follow up on.

In the overall IT industry things may slow down, but companies will still hire people during this time and business still will be conducted. When I was Recruiting for Hewlett Packard in 2002 after the Dotcom Bust we still hired many people into a variety of roles.

As Kevin mentioned things are never as bad as they seem – so if you are interested in Oracle as a potential employer contact us – despite the financial crisis we still have many roles to fill and one of them may be that role you are looking for.

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